From delicious in-season produce, to fresh-off-the farm meats, to getting to know the farmers growing your food, there are so many reasons to support your local farmers markets. Here are some reasons you should visit:

Farmers Market

1. Tasty Flavors

The farm-fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll purchase are guaranteed in-season, so flavor will be top notch. Because the produce has time to stay in the field longer, thanks to minimal transit, it will be at its peak ripeness.

2. Seasonal

Farmers markets offer seasonal choices, from strawberries and asparagus in the spring, to peaches and tomatoes in the summer. Show off your in-season picks by incorporating the fruits and veggies into tasty recipes such as Fruit Salsa, Ginger Orange Spring Vegetables, Summer Succotash, Fire Grilled Vegetables and many more!

3. Support

Most farmers market vendors are small family farmers, so buying local helps show your support for family farms. Nowadays it’s all too easy to stop at a large supermarket and pick up everything you need at once, but stopping at a farmers market helps support small family farms.

Farmers Market

4. No Shipping

Farmers markets are local, so they don’t require bulk items to be shipped from around the world, You don’t have to pay anything additional for long shipments and the process is more environmentally friendly.

5. Refresh Yourself

The produce at the farmers market is fresh, straight from the farm. You’ll know exactly where it came from and who grew it.

6. Varieties

Farmers markets offer unique varieties of fruits and vegetables you don’t typically see in the large markets. You’ll see many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, corn, radishes and more. Spice up your life by trying a few.

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Farmers markets

7. Fresh Animal Products

Enjoy farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed beef, homemade cheeses, sweet honey and more products that you may not find on the shelf.

8. Know Your Farmer

Buying straight from the farmer is a plus. You know exactly who took the time to make sure you’re buying the best. Connecting with farmers at the market is a great place to start learning more about family farms.

9. Expand Your Recipes

Ask questions on different ways to prepare the fresh, seasonal products you purchase at the farmers market. Seek out new and inventive recipes to try, or find a farmers market that offers cooking demonstrations so you can learn on-site.

10. Enjoy Your Community

Stroll the aisles of an open-air farmers market on a nice sunny day and enjoy what your community has to offer. Set aside some time for the whole family to tag along and make shopping fun, not a chore.

Farmers markets

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