how to pick out a watermelonYou often see people knocking on hefty watermelons in the grocery store or at the farmers market, but do you know how to tell if a watermelon is ripe?

Here are a couple of quick tips on how to pick out the perfect watermelon, how to store it properly and what to do when you’re making a watermelon recipe in a hurry.

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  • Select whole watermelons that are heavy for their size, with a creamy yellow spot on the underside and a dried stem.
  • Pick a dull watermelon. A shiny exterior oven indicates an unripe watermelon.
  • Give the watermelon a thump with your thumb. A ripe watermelon will have a deep, hollow sound.
  • Store whole watermelons at room temperature.
  • Cut watermelon should be refrigerated and used within five days.
  • Short on time? Buy pre-cut chunks or wedges of watermelon in the produce department.

Watermelon Recipes

After selecting the perfect watermelon, try one of these wonderful watermelon recipes:

Melon Cakes with Rosemary Lavender Syrup

Watermelon Raspberry Sorbet

Watermelon & Raspberry Sorbet recipe

Coconut Watermelon Icy

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