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John Larson, A livestock farmer in Gill, wanted to expand the use of technology in his operation. 4Rivers Equipment, a trusted partner for Colorado farmers and ranchers since 1926, stepped in to help Larson achieve that goal.

The company provides high-quality products and exceptional customer service and is committed to growing and adapting to the state’s changing agricultural industry.

Andy Hansen, 4Rivers ag precision specialist works with farmers like Larson to figure out the best solution to help with efficiency and increased production. The Larson farm is a fifth-generation farm operated by John, his father, Lelyn, and his grandfather, Jack. They’re a livestock operation but also grow a lot of their own hay and corn for silage.

Hansen says that the Larsons were already incorporating efficient and environmentally friendly practices into their operation and were ahead of the game as far as technology goes.

“The family started a drip-tape irrigation system way back when, before there was a lot of information,” Hansen explains. “And they built their own drip-tape systems.”

Drip-tape irrigation emits a slow, steady stream of water to a crop’s roots versus overhead irrigation, which is less controlled.

Larson says that many of their fields are irregularly shaped and don’t work well for a center-pivot system. The drip-tape system has saved them water and helped them eliminate a lot of manual labor.

In addition, 4Rivers and the Larsons have worked together to utilize tractors, harvesters and other equipment that supply important data straight to the Larsons’ computers.

“We’re able to hoard all of our data – yield data, planting data and other guidelines, which is really important because it allows us to control traffic in the field,” Larson adds. “We have a lot of tractors, planters that work on 20-inch rows, a forage harvester and other John Deere equipment from 4Rivers that all has Greenstar technology.”

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Larson says that this data is stored digitally and really helps them with guidance for the future and being able to repeat the successful results.

Hansen echoes that collecting this type of data is extremely important for Colorado’s farmers.

“Data records for the farmer are like receipts for an accountant extremely important,” he says. “Most John Deere equipment can be accessed wirelessly using JDLink and Wireless Data Transfer, which wirelessly moves the farmer’s production data to Operations Center, John Deere’s data management system. The farmer can access Ops Center from their laptop, tablet or phone. It will give farmers like John the capability to manage employees and see their work versus being physically in the tractor all day long.”

Learn more about 4Rivers Equipment and the technology they’re implementing at 4riversequipment.com.

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