Along with the end of school and the arrival of the season’s heat, Colorado citizens have an exciting attraction to look forward to each summer – the Colorado State Fair. Held annually in Pueblo, the 11-day event ends on Labor Day and offers a massive amount of fun for everyone, no matter their interests.

Photo credit: Colorado State Fair

The fair promotes the state’s exceptional agriculture industry with activities including livestock and horse shows, crops shows, as well as ag-based competitions, like the craft beer homebrew and hobby wine competitions, which highlight the state’s presence in the beer and beverage industry.

“The fair is a melting pot that brings together all walks of life,” says Scott Stoller, Colorado State Fair general manager. “What better opportunity than this to help ag connect
with consumers and consumers connect with ag? I can’t think of a better place than the state fair for urban, rural and suburban folks to have informed conversations about food.”

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Photo credit: Colorado State Fair

And though agriculture is a big component, the fair features lots of other activities that aren’t strictly ag-related. Stoller says some of the most popular include the largest carnival in the Rockies, motorsports, several national recording artists who perform live, fine arts and, of course, the mouthwatering fair food.

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“The competitive exhibits at the fair are the true heart of the annual event,” Stoller says. “Without the breadth of shows and competitions, the state fair would be no different than your typical street festival.”

Photo credit: Colorado State Fair

He says that, over time, as the community has evolved, so have the competitions. There are still several traditional competitions including baking, quilting and market livestock shows, but they’ve added some newer competitions such as a live poetry reading contest, showcasing tattoos as art, and a hemp and hops crop competition.“Only time will tell if these new categories will stand the test of time,” Stoller says.

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