Know That Crop: Millet

Perhaps best known for its use in birdseed and livestock feed, millet is an ancient seed. Primary varieties of millet are pearl, foxtail, proso and finger. Colorado leads the nation in proso millet production. The rise of the health food industry and demands for gluten-free products has put millet back into the American diet. Yellow proso is the kind most often found prepackaged or in bulk bins at health food stores. Colorado grows about half the millet produced in the United States.

Oklahoma Pork

Know That Animal: Hogs/Pigs

Pork is the most popular meat in the world, with China as the top producer and consumer. Colorado ranks 15th in the nation for the number of hogs and pigs raised in the state. Ham is the No. 1 sandwich meat eaten in U.S. households. Hogs are also good medicine. Hogs are a source of insulin, heart valves, skin for burn victims and nearly 20 drugs and pharmaceuticals. The term “hog” is used when the weight of a pig is greater than 120 pounds.

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