Limon, Colorado, mural

A mural of a farmer lifting a child on the side of a grain bin in Limon, Colorado. / Photo: FFM Staff

In the town of Limon, Colorado, about 100 miles east of Denver, drivers may see an unusual grain bin. This one stands out from the rest, with a large, colorful mural painted on the side.

Staci Beauford, the artist, painted the Heart of Harvest mural in Limon, depicting a farmer holding his daughter, filled with a rural Colorado landscape and farming images, predominately wheat. Beauford says they really wanted a mural to relay the fact that Colorado’s rural community has a story to tell.

“We wanted it to be exciting and fresh and not just a plain, boring mural,” Beauford told the Fence Post. “It just happened. It was like, ‘yep, that’s it’ and it all came together.”

She painted the mural with help from her sister, Kayla Ravenkamp, among others.

“Kayla and I have never had any art training beyond what we had in school,” Beauford said. “It’s definitely a testament to what you can do if you get a little bit in school in these rural communities.”

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