animal food regulation

Do you know what you’re really feeding your dog, cat or cow? Connecticut is making it easy to get the info.

The state conforms with the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS) set in place by the FDA, which helps to achieve national safety in the livestock feed system. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture will be able to implement and maintain the AFRPS in conjunction with the new feed safety inspection contract. It also allows the Department to analyze animal feed in the state’s lab.

animal food regulation

The Department regulates pet food manufactured in the state so consumers can feel confident. All animal foods are regulated in a similar way to human food. Labeling requirements ensure consistency and true claims. All pet treat labels must contain the brand name, intended use, the animal species the treat is intended for, the manufacturing company name and address, ingredient list, net weight, nutrition analysis, feeding directions and calorie content.

Visit to learn more about regulations for pet and livestock feed.

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