connecticut 2017 stat

Apples – Apples are big business in Connecticut, which grows 60 varieties, including Macoun, Eastern Red Delicious and Gala. The state’s orchards produced 25.1 million pounds in 2015, earning a production value of $14.2 million.

Aquaculture – Aquaculture is vital to Connecticut’s agricultural industry. The state’s 40 shellfish farms harvest hard clams and oysters on more than 80,000 acres in the Long Island Sound.

Dairy – Dairy operations use a large portion of Connecticut’s farmland, producing fresh milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream. Connecticut’s more than 20,800 dairy cows produced 396 million pounds of milk in 2015, which was valued at more than $73.1 million.

Fresh-Market Vegetables – Connecticut farmers grow fresh-market vegetables, including cucumbers, kale, garlic and much more. In 2015, farmers harvested 3,600 acres of the vegetables, earning $10.5 million.

Greenhouse – The greenhouse sector is blooming in Connecticut, with growers selling products like perennials, flowers, bedding plants and more. The state’s producers earned $306.3 million from horticulture sales in 2015.

Poultry/Eggs – Poultry farmers across the United States produce about 75 billion eggs each year. In Connecticut, poultry farmers produce approximately 3 million table eggs per day. Overall, the state’s poultry population is nearly 5 million birds.
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