DUDAFlorida is known for fresh — whether it’s seafood straight from the ocean or bright, perfectly ripe vegetables. A family-owned company celebrating 93 years in 2019, DUDA significantly contributes to the state’s fresh reputation, not only with the products it provides, but also with the values and mission of the company and its employees.

Headquartered in Oviedo, the diversified land company is comprised of several operations, ranging from crop production to land asset management to real estate. These operations include Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc., Duda Ranches, The Viera Company, and Viera Builders.

All of these divisions operate under the core values of the DUDA company, including integrity, stewardship of the land and responsibility to the customer.

“Our business values were established by our founders … and continue to help guide all aspects of our business today,” says Donna Duda, director of corporate communications and family relations. “The integrity that DUDA is known for comes from applying these values to how we operate. I’m humbled to have the opportunity to be a small part of carrying forward the legacy that our past generations established and were stewards of.”

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Karen Ziomek, senior director of human resources, adds that she’s “particularly proud to work for DUDA because it has unwavering commitment to its mission, core values and beliefs. It’s evident in every employee practice the company adopts.” DUDA prides itself on company culture and growth opportunities for its employees as much as it does on the quality of the products they produce. They treat each other like family, so having employees who agree with the company’s values is important.

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“DUDA has reaffirmed its commitment to training and development of its employees over the last several years,” says Ziomek. “It provides a place for those with the aptitude, ability and desire to excel and make a career with DUDA.”

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The diversification of the company aids in these opportunities as well, and means continuous growth. “As a thriving, diversified land company, we are growing, and this means we are blessed with a new crop of employees whose tenure is one to five years,” says Duda. “The work is rewarding and the culture is relaxed.”

Ziomek says that working for the company is like joining a family.

“I have felt acknowledged for my contributions and granted the freedom to continually enhance the experiences for all employees,” she says.

Duda adds, “You spend a good bit of time at work, so who you spend it with matters. The employees at each location are all attracted to the same mission and values, so responsibility, integrity and stewardship tend to be common themes across all of DUDA’s operations.”

For more information about DUDA, visit duda.com.

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