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When L&M Farms first got its start in 1973, there was one mission in mind: to give customers produce grown with a purpose. The farmers of L&M are passionate about their crops and pour their heart and soul into everything they plant. When expanding, they carefully considered the overlap of growing seasons in order to provide continuous availability of fresh vegetables to people across the country. Today, L&M has farms in seven states, which make up many of the major growing regions throughout the United States. Adam Lytch of L&M Farms holds that idea of creating produce grown with a purpose and puts it to practice on a farm in East Palatka.

In Adam Lytch’s Words

“Growing up, I rode around with my dad at a young age and have been involved in farming ever since I can remember, really gaining a respect for what he did.

The life he led and the challenges he faced and overcame just really made me appreciate what farmers are and what they do. From a young age, I knew that farming and anything related to it was going to be the life for me.

I think it’s just how different every day is and that makes it unique and exciting. It makes it challenging, too. But at the same time when all that comes together, there’s nothing more rewarding.

Here in Palatka, we grow green cabbage, red cabage, kale broccoli, turnip and mustard greens.

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We’re taking a seed all the way to plant, all the way to harvest and then ultimately taking that product to market. There’s a lot that goes into that.

One of the things that is most enjoyable about what I do is working with our team who helps bring everything together. It’s a lot more than just planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow. There’s a whole team of people who I enjoy working and interacting with that all make that happen.

I’m grateful for the chance to get to work with all of them throughout the whole production and harvest process.

What I would like folks to know about what we do is that it’s the same food we feed our families and the food you find in the grocery store comes from our fields.

Also, the pride and care that we put into that process to make sure they have a high-quality eating experience.

One of the really satisfying things to me personally is looking at the crop. It’s just rewarding to know that we’re growing this healthy product that’s literally distributed across the country that people can enjoy.

There’s something calming and peaceful about that.”


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