Meat Selection at M&T Meats in Hawkinsville, Georgia

M&T Meats opened its doors in 1963, processing one or two hogs a week to provide sausage, bacon and ham for neighbors in its Hawkinsville community.

The business today has 24 full-time employees who process 40-60 hogs a week for its retail store, and M&T is preparing to launch an online business. Owner Phil Mathis predicts that the company’s pork sales will double during the first year M&T is online.

“We’ve built a strong reputation in Georgia for 50 years, with 70 percent of customers driving to the M&T store from outside our Pulaski County area,” Mathis says. “Several of those out-of-town customers are actually from out of state.”

Mathis says all pigs slaughtered at M&T are raised in Georgia. The company processes twice a week.

“We also import certified Angus beef to sell in our store, but all pork that we sell is from hogs we slaughter on site,” he says. “By the way, sanitation is top priority at our facility. My employees say I am obsessive-compulsive about sanitation. I take that as a compliment.”

$3 Billion Impact

The meat industry contributes more than $3 billion annually to Georgia’s agricultural economy. Forty-three slaughterhouses operate in the state, most processing cattle and swine, though a handful also deal with sheep and goats.

“Our plant runs five days a week, slaughtering about 10 cows and 200-300 hogs in that time,” says James McAfee, who co-owns McAfee Packing Company in Wrightsville with his brother, John. “The meat is sold at our retail store to give customers the freshest cuts of ground beef, steaks, sausage, bacon and hams. We get animals from two local livestock dealers who both live within 20 miles of our facility.”

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Meanwhile, Augusta-based FPL Food LLC is one of the largest privately owned processors of fresh beef products in the United States. The company has 800 employees in four facilities, and processes 5,000 head of cattle weekly.

“We also recently acquired and now operate a 1,061-acre farm in southeast Georgia that will feed 8,000 head of cattle annually,” says Steve Hixon, director of marketing for FPL Food. “We export beef worldwide, and our presence in southeast Georgia supports many local and regional cattle farmers.”

Hams at M&T Meats in Hawkinsville, Georgia

Every Animal Is Examined

Glen Echols, director of the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Meat Inspection Section, says the meat-processing industry is well regulated throughout the state. A certified inspector must be present whenever a slaughter takes place at any processing site in Georgia – except for one scenario.

“In establishments where they don’t end up selling their meat products, an inspector will not be present. Those are places where a farmer might slaughter a hog for his own use, or for family members or friends,” Echols says. “Those farmers can slaughter, process, package and wrap the meat, but each package must be marked ‘Not for Sale.’”

Echols says in each plant where meat is processed for eventual sale, an inspector examines every animal while it is alive in a holding pen, then each animal’s carcass is inspected one more time following the slaughter.

“We look at critical lymph nodes, organs and tissues to make sure every animal is free of disease,” he says. “Then once the packages of meat are wrapped, every package must bear a Georgia mark of inspection if that package will be sold only within Georgia’s boundaries. However, if a processing plant is allowed to sell across state lines, then each meat package will bear a federal USDA mark of inspection. Our ag department can also do inspections for the USDA – Georgia is one of nine states where that is allowed.”

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Georgia Meat Processing Statistic

Humane Handling

Another part of the overall meat process is to check that declared weights are correct on package labels. Echols says inspectors arbitrarily weigh packages to ensure, for example, that a 10-pound package of meat actually weighs 10 pounds.

“Inspectors also verify that all animals are handled humanely during the slaughter process,” he says. “Animals must be moved from holding pen to the plant in a humane manner, and the animals must be rendered instantly unconscious just prior to slaughter so that they won’t experience any pain. The Meat Inspection Section of the ag department is very thorough. Our quest is for every processed package of meat from Georgia to be entirely safe for consumers.”


  1. I want to order a whole hog from the farm dont want to buy meat from stores im also interested in 1/2 side of beef do you or do you know where i can order from the farm house it self

  2. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

    Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking
    it and checking back regularly!

  3. hello, I am considering raising pigs and would like to know what I need if anything to sell my pigs and where the closest usda inspected slaughterhouse is located.

  4. I’m thinking about going into the goat industry. Where can I go to sell my goats or get them USDA processed? I live in Cobb/Paulding County. Thanks!

  5. I’m looking for a varity scrap meats to feed my dogs (organ meat, tripe and bone). Do you do that type of business. I buy from Blue Ridge Beef Products now.

  6. You do not list the 43 facilities, on this site. Very disappointing.. I want to find a facility that I can get my meat USDA certified… to sale locally and across state lines. Please provide a list. Larry 423-475-7930

  7. Do you buy cattle for slaughter from farmers like me? We would like to sell direct to a slaughter house , cutting out the middle man.

  8. We need to slaughter around 15 goats for a religious occasion this Saturday. We would like to know a place where you can legally buy, slaughter, and process GOAT/LAMB/Sheep meat.

  9. I have a farm where I raise 50 – 100 goats. I just saw your posting for goats to be slaughter. Even though it is too late for your Quabanee ceremony. I am able to provide goats to you at any time at any quanity. I am about 60 miles north east of atlanta. we also deliver. Thank you Benton 901-335-1935

  10. I am looking for a processor for my cattle in the middle GA area for beef that can be sold to the public within GA. I would be slaughtering only one or two at a time. I do NOT want a “for home use only” stamp.

  11. Hello i want to buy a whole pig and cow get it butchered i live n atlanta ga wher would i go to do this dont Know can u help me with this

  12. Hi Roy,

    We suggest contacting the Georgia Department of Agriculture Meat Inspection Division at 404-656-3673. Hopefully they can help answer your question. Thanks!

    Rachel Bertone
    editor, Georgia Grown

  13. Dear Sir, 2/25/2015

    I am searching for slaughter houses that can furnish me meat for my wholesale meat company located in Columbus, Georgia. ( Dadgum Good Meat Company ) We will sell meat products to grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Alec Collier
    Cell: 404-310-9542

  14. I would like to know prices on having a hog kill and cut up. Different pounds on hogs and beef kill and processes. Please email some price list.

  15. Hello,I have just moved my small sheep farm to Palmetto. I am familiar with Halal slaughter. I will soon be building a facility for this. I am from Syracuse,NY where I had many customers. I hope to have this finished by this fall,(October). Please check with me then. Thank you for your consideration.

  16. Would like to know the plants that process goat – would like to bring my in to get processed and I will sell to restaruants in Columbus GA

  17. Do you sell fresh chittlings not frozen, straight from the hog, upon request. I moved to columbus Ga 2 years ago, and has been craving fresh chittlings. I remember growing up and my uncle use to slaughter hogs during the winter months, and the best part of it to me was the cracklings and the chittlings, thank god i dont have any medical problems, but i can recall these was my best time of the year. I drive through augusta ga, about once a month going to north carolina to see my mom, and i could stop through then, but i would love to pick up fresh chittlings if possible. Thank You and ill be looking to hear from you soon!

  18. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment. We suggest contacting the Georgia Department of Ag directly at 404-656-3673. They should be able to answer your question or point you in the right direction. Hope this helps. Thanks!

    Rachel Bertone
    editor, Georgia Grown

  19. Dear M and T
    I live in middle georgia and will soon be in a position to have some sheep availble for meat. Where can I get sheep processed? Do you guys do that?

    Mark J. DiBois

  20. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment! We are a magazine that wrote an article featuring M&T Meats, and aren’t directly affiliated with them. Please contact them directly at 478-892-9810. Thanks!

    Rachel Bertone
    Editor, Georgia Grown

  21. we have a small herd of bison (25-30) and would like to have them processed to USDA inspection anyone know of plants within reasonable driving range of Rome Ga

  22. We are going to start a slaughter house for cow and goat, we have USDA approval. We are interested to have list of 43 slaughter houses ( that mentioned in this article). Could you please e mail us the list.

    we are also looking for Butchers for hiring for our project. If anyone can help us with contact info. Thanks.

  23. We are just going to open a slaughter house in 2/3 weeks. Everything including USDA registration ready. We can discuss to look into the possibility to supply you the meat per your requirement. Thanks.

  24. hello, I have lambs to be processed and customers waiting. Please contact me with your info asap.Thanks.

  25. I have lambs for sale throughout the year. I offer on farm slaughter for people doing ethnic type personal use slaughter. thanks.

  26. I am getting ready to start free range organic pork and goat. How do i go about find M&T’s specifications?

  27. Benton, I just noticed your reply from last year. Hope you will be able to provide this year, around the end of Sep. 2015. Let me know. Thanks. Raja Ismail 678-896-2134.

  28. Hello Mir Hushna,
    Do you have the slaughter house in operation as you have mentioned. We are looking to buy goats (around 50), slaughter and process meat for the Eid-ul Adha (a religious occasion) in the end of Sep 2015. Let me know if the slaughter house is ready and goats available. Thanks, Raja Ismail. 678-896-2134.

  29. Mr.Ismail, have you located a goat producer? I am fairly new at raising meat goats and plan to start breeding this month. I want to reach out to potential clients. I should be up and running by next year. I can be reached at Thanks

  30. Hi Mr. Brian,

    We have slaughter house started in operation from October 19, 2015. We need huge number of goats for regular processing to supply to the retail shops. Please let us know if you are interested to supply. Right now we need appx. 40-50 goats every week.

    If you are interested, please let us know.

    Kind regards.

    Mir Hushna

    Mid State Meat LLC

    Phone: 404 405 3317

  31. Hi Mr. Mike,

    We have slaughter house started in operation from October 19, 2015. It is USDA certified. We process cow, goat and lamb. If you are interested please let us know.


    Mir Hushna

    Mid State Meat LLC

    Phone: 404 405 3317

  32. Hi Mr. Kim,

    Are you still need processing lamb. If so, please let us know.

    Our plant is in operation under USDA approval


    Mir Hushna
    Phone: 404 405 3317

  33. Good morning. Hope you found the beef and pork you were looking for but if you are in the market in the future I would like to talk to you. We raise grass fed Devon/Angus beed and pastured, registered Berkshire pork. Our processor is USDA inspected. We sell wholes, halves and quarters or both beef and pork and also sell cuts (steaks, roasts) both from our farm in Talladega Alabama and at Pepper Place Farmer’s Market in Birmingham. We own our own bull, cows, boar and sows so all of our animals that we process are raised here on our farm and we know exactly what they eat and how they are treated. Like us on facebook to see pictures of our animals and our farm. Love to hear from you.

  34. Was wanting to know if your company buys cattle from individuals and if so what are you paying per pound dress weight. Thank you

  35. Hello Mr. Cook,
    Where is your farm located? Looking for something within an hour or two distance from Lilburn. If you’re further out, do you know of any others close by. Looking to hand slaughter goats and cow to market to the public. Also need a place where there will be no chance of contamination with non-Zabiha halal meat.


  36. Georgia Cattle and Goat Supplier at your service. Please feel free to email me or call me at 912-515-9938. I can supply for resale, processing purposes, religious occasions, etc. No buying minimum required. Thank you for your interest.

  37. Hello;

    We are looking for some Halal slaughterhouses in Moldavia and Georgia;

    If you are ready to supply 50 000 MT of Halal Bovine a year; contact us


  38. I am considering moving to South West Georgia and I wonder if there is a processor in GA that handles Bison and Yak. I raise yak and they require special license for processing USDA. Can you email me if there is a processor I can use

  39. Does anyone, saves Turkey Feathers? or anyone I willing to save them.
    I need White Turkey Tail Feathers of a Project. Willing to pay $30 per pound, only clean feathers.
    Thank You

  40. Hello, Im a Rancher in Cedartown Ga, was wanting to know if you are in need some someone to finish or feed cattle for you. Pigs and sheep/goats could also be fed at my feedyard.

  41. Hello Im tony sapp in the process of beginning a boer goat farm for meat. Preparing to begin my goats for distribution are there any processors in need of boer goat suppliers. will deliver any area. Feel free to give me a call at(912)329- 1703

  42. Do you of anyone that would be willing to buy hair sheep to cut out the middle man? I live in Georgia. My number is 478-494-5134

  43. I am looking to buy chitterlings in bulk, clean them, and resell them. Does anyone know where I can purchase some chitterlings at a reasonable price?? Please give me a call @ 706.834.1298. Thanks in advance.


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