GA ag commodities [INFOGRAPHIC]Broilers: As Georgia’s top agricultural commodity, broilers earned the state $4.25 billion in production value in 2015. Georgia ranks No. 1 nationally for its 1.3 billion broiler inventory.

Cattle and calves: Georgia farmers raise cattle in all 159 counties. In 2015, Georgia’s 1.6 million cattle and calves earned a production value of more than $530 million.

Corn: Georgia farmers yielded 48.73 million bushels of corn in 2015, with Mitchell County farmers producing the most at 2.87 million bushels. The commodity earned the state $195 million.

Cotton: In 2015, Georgia farmers grew more than 2.25 million bales of cotton, which weighed 480 pounds each. Cotton earned a $694 million production value.

Dairy, milk: In 2015, Georgia and Florida accounted for 45 percent of the Southeast’s total milk production. Georgia farmers earned a $359 million production value with 1.8 billion pounds of milk the same year.

Eggs: Georgia is No. 5 in the nation for chicken egg production. In 2015, the state’s producers earned $763 million in production value from 4.8 billion eggs.

Hay: Georgia farmers harvested alfalfa hay from 570,000 acres in 2015. The commodity earned the state a production value of $128 million.

Peanuts: Georgia produced 57 percent of the nation’s peanuts in 2015. Local farmers produced 1.7 million tons of the crop, earning a production value of $694 million.

Pecans: A leading state in pecan production, producing a third of the nation’s supply, Georgia farmers harvested 39,000 tons of pecans in 2015 and earned the state $200 million.

Soybeans: Soybeans, which have been grown in Georgia for livestock feed since the 18th century, are grown in the state today for cooking oil and animal fodder. In 2015, Georgia farmers harvested 315,000 acres, earning a production value of $121 million.

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