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Michigan agriculture encompasses a true cornucopia of commodities, including dry beans, red tart cherries, blueberries, cucumbers for pickles, floriculture products, beef, Christmas trees and dairy products, just to name a few. The Great Lakes State’s food and agriculture industry is worth a whopping $101.2 billion, and Michigan consistently ranks in the top 10 in the nation for more than 51 different commodities.

To keep those crops and livestock thriving on more than 51,600 farms covering 9.94 million acres of land across the state, Michigan farmers have to focus on the environment. As the original conservationists, farmers understand the importance of conserving natural resources to keep them efficient in business, protect their livelihood, and preserve land for future generations of Michigan farmers.

MAEAP Program Helps Michigan Farmers Protect Their Land

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is a voluntary program aimed at promoting land stewardship.

Michigan’s Emerging Industrial Hemp Industry Holds Promise for Farmers

Michigan's new pilot program for growing and processing hemp provides opportunities for farmers throughout the state, laying groundwork for the future.

Michigan Agriculture by the Numbers



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Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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Technical Assistance Improves Land Stewardship on Michigan Farms

Formed by state law in the 1930s, Michigan’s 75 conservation districts offer services and guidance that help the state’s farmers and landowners implement best land...

Michigan Rapid Response Team Helps Safeguard Against Foodborne Illnesses

Michigan's Rapid Response Team stands ready to react if any food and animal emergencies occur, by engaging in early detection and training.

EverBlue Lakes Uses Sustainable Technology to Clean Michigan Lakes

EverBlue Lakes implements special practices to reduce pollutants in Michigan's lakes, making them cleaner for all to enjoy.

MSU Farms Obtain MAEAP Verification

Michigan State University prioritizes sustainability and conservation by completing the MAEAP Verification process for their campus farms.

Michigan Teachers Seek Expanded Ag Info for Classrooms

The Michigan Agriculture and Environmental Education Workshop gives teachers the tools they need to better educate students about agriculture.

Michigan-Made Mead Is a Sweet Sensation

You may have found yourself enjoying a beer at one of Michigan’s many craft breweries or stopping by a winery for a glass of red – but have you tried Michigan mead?

MACD, Farmers and Partners Work to Improve Lake Erie’s Western Basin

Michigan conservation districts and farmers are coming together to increase efforts to improve the water quality in Lake Erie's Western Basin.

Michigan’s Top 10 Agricultural Products

A glimpse at Michigan's leading agricultural commodities.

Michigan’s Pork Producers Are Building a Sustainable Future

Despite changes in the pork production industry over the years, the Michigan Pork Producer Association continues to support its members.

FARM Science Lab Teaches Michigan Children About Agriculture

New mobile science lab brings ag education to schools across Michigan, providing children the chance to learn more about their state's agriculture.

Michigan’s Farm-to-Table Movement is Sweeping the State

Restaurants and eateries throughout Michigan partner with farms to bring freshly grown produce to customers, creating delicious local dishes.

Holiday Gift Guide: Spread the Love with 10 Michigan-Made Products

Shop local this holiday season with Michigan-made gift ideas.

Three Michigan Corn Mazes to Visit This Fall

Weave your way through some of Michigan's best corn mazes

How Michigan Researchers are Saving the American Chestnut

Researchers utilize a natural virus to restore the historic American chestnut.

How MSU’s Institute of Agricultural Technology Trains Students for the Future

MSU's Institute of Agricultural Technology offers two-year certification programs to students across the state.

Why You Should Choose Michigan Cherries

Homegrown superfruit packs a punch beyond the pie shell.

How the Detroit School Garden Program is Teaching Michigan Students

Michigan students are getting lessons in compost, growing vegetables and more through the Detroit School Garden Collaborative.

RecoveryPark Farms is Planting Seeds of Change

Detroit's RecoveryPark Farms uses innovative farming and hiring practices to rebuild a historic neighborhood.

How Robotic Milkers Position Michigan Dairies for Success

Michigan dairy farms are on the cutting edge of technology.

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