BroilersMinnesota’s broiler industry raked in a $171.87 million production value in 2014 with 46.8 million head. Overall, the U.S. has the largest broiler industry in the world.

Cattle and Calves

LivestockWith 2.33 million head of cattle and calves, Minnesota farmers raked in a $1.6 billion production value in 2014. Meat from a single steer will make about 720 quarter-pound hamburgers.


Corn fieldMinnesota is No. 4 in the nation for corn production, earning a $4.3 billion production value in 2014. Minnesota corn farmers produced 1.17 billion bushels.


Alabama HayRanking at No. 5 in the “other crops and hay” category, Minnesota produced 4.5 million tons of hay in 2014. The top commodity brought in a $578.6 million production value.



During 2014, the state’s hog farmers raised 8.1 million hogs, producing 3.78 billion pounds. Ranking No. 3 in the nation for hogs, farmers brought in a $2.78 billion production value.


calf 30x20 Dairy Grant ProgramDairy farms across the state boast 460,000 head of dairy cows. In 2014, these cows produced 9.13 billion pounds of milk, generating a $2.26 billion production value.


Nebraska potatoesState farmers produced 1.64 billion pounds of potatoes in 2014, which resulted in a $151.7 million production value. Minnesota is one of the top 10 potato-producing states.


ExtraMinnesota soybean farmers produced 301.7 million bushels in 2014, earning the state $3.1 billion. Minnesota ranks No. 3 in the nation for soybean production.



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