Missouri Ag Awards

Missouri Farm Innovation Award

Bob Vandiver Cattle Co. of Richmond
The Bob Vandiver Cattle Co. helped lead the charge in the development of Missouri’s first anaerobic digester, which collects the manure from approximately 2,500 head of cattle. Through a complex process, the manure is converted into methane gas, which produces electricity.

Missouri Agriculture Environmental Steward Award

Steve and Sharon Oetting of Concordia
Oetting Hog Farms uses a lagoon system that allows them to recycle and reuse water. They also work to maintain the soil and prevent erosion, enhance the wildlife habitat, and keep their facilities operating cleanly and efficiently.

Missouri Agriculture Education Leader Award

Harold Eckler of Shelbyville
Eckler, agricultural education instructor at North Shelby High School, has sent numerous winning teams to state and national FFA conventions. He has served as a leader in many prestigious educational organizations, and was president of the National Association of Agricultural Educators.

Missouri Soybean Legacy Award

Neal Bredehoeft of Alma
Bredehoeft is one of only five Missourians to serve as American Soybean Association president. An early advocate for biodiesel, his efforts directly contributed to Missouri’s high national rankings for biodiesel and soybean production, and he also helped grow international markets.

Missouri Corn Legacy Award

Mike Geske of Matthews
Geske, whose family farm grows corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and sometimes cotton, retired from active farming in 2014. Geske remains a director with the National Corn Growers Association and the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Executive Committee.

Missouri Pork Legacy Award

Brent Sandidge of Marshall
Sandidge works hand-in-hand with industry experts in order to improve his management abilities and raise his farm’s feed conversion ratio. He strives to improve the farmer image by sharing his experiences and educating the public about the importance of agriculture.

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Missouri Poultry Legacy Award

Donald Steen of Eldon
Steen joined his father in the family’s turkey farm 40 years ago, growing the operation to house around 45,000 birds each year. Steen has served in the Missouri House of Representatives, as Miller County Assessor, as director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, as lobbyist for the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation and countless other agriculture organizations.

Missouri Cattle Legacy Award

Jim McCann of Miller Jim
McCann, owner of Shining Cross Farm, LLC, is a leader of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program and past president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Missouri Forestry Legacy Award

Darwin Murray of West Plains
Murray, president of McClain Forest Products and Legacy Wood Products, leads one of Missouri’s largest forest products companies. In addition, he promotes sound forest management practices that ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the state’s forests.

Missouri Dairy Legacy Award

Randy Mooney of Rogersville
In 1979, Mooney began marketing milk through Mid-America Dairyman, Inc. and was elected chairman of the Board of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) in 2010. His rotational grazing conserves land resources and serves as a model for others.

Missouri Rice Legacy Award

Ronnie Berry of Neelyville
A 40-year rice producer, Berry has always been an early adopter of more productive and economical rice growing practices. Most of his equipment is now on rubber tracks to eliminate ruts and keep the land in the best condition possible.

Missouri Cotton Legacy Award

David Blakemore of Campbell
David Blakemore of B&B Cotton Co. and Sunnyside Grain Co. is a member of the Missouri Cotton Growers Organization Board, which implemented the boll weevil eradication program in Missouri. He serves as vice president of the National Cotton Ginners Association.

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Missouri Food Animal Veterinarian

Dr. G.D. Windom of Bethany
For nearly 50 years, Dr. Windom has introduced farmers to advancements in animal health, providing advice that results in the highest quality livestock. Through Dr. Windom’s civic-minded attitude and calming presence, he acts as a mentor to many.

Missouri Farm Broadcaster of the Year

Tom Steever of Jefferson City
Steever’s farm broadcast career began at KSOO Radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Over the years, he reported for a number of TV and radio stations. In 2003, he moved to Jefferson City, Mo., to be part of the Brownfield broadcast team.

International Exporter of the Year

Independent Stave Company of Lebanon
This family-owned, global company makes oak bourbon and wine barrels for customers in over 40 countries and cooperages around the world.


  1. I have just been introduced to Missouri agriculture, the concept of sustainable living & eating, and the learning process of growing my own food. I am a sponge soaking up all the information I can. From what I learned so far, I am thrilled to know that farmers are being recognized for their innovation and commitment to better the communities around them


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