grow logoDig deeper into agriculture at a new exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center. Aptly named GROW, the exhibit explores the origins of food through more than 40 interactive experiences.

“GROW is the journey of food from farm to fork. You don’t have to go far outside of St. Louis to see different forms of agriculture, including large-scale farms and neighborhood gardens,” says Cynthia Skaggs, managing director of marketing and communications at the Saint Louis Science Center. “We live in the heartland of America, where food is grown, harvested, processed and distributed. The mission of the Saint Louis Science Center is to ignite and sustain lifelong learning in science and technology, and we feel now is an important time to engage the public to explore the connections between ourselves, agriculture and our food supply.”

Skaggs says that just as farmers go through seasons, so will GROW, with activities changing throughout the year. Some of the exhibit highlights include a milking parlor, where visitors can collect milk from a simulated dairy cow, a transparent beehive, a combine demonstrating how farm equipment operates, an area with DIY projects where visitors can learn the processes of growing and harvesting their own food and much more.

The project is funded by a National Science Foundation grant and several private donors, including the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Beef Industry Council and Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council.


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