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Not long ago, All American Pharmaceutical founder and executive scientist Dr. Jeff Golini wasn’t aware Montana farmers grew peas. Today, his team is ready to introduce a nutritional supplement made exclusively from pulse crops.

All American Pharma, based in Billings, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dietary, health food and nutritional supplements. The pea-based powder supplement, which Golini hopes to introduce to the market by mid-2016, is added to water to create a meal substitute.

“We’ve created a process taking these Montana peas and turning them into a protein powder,” Golini says. “From peas, you get three things – proteins, starch and fiber.”

Golini says peas are just one pulse crop the company is experimenting with because of its nutritional benefits.

“Peas are one of the most easily digestible foods, which is why you always see peas in baby foods. I think with supplements made from pulse crops, people will find their immune systems boosted. People will be able to fight a lot of ailments and allergies.”

Business Development Specialist Treston Vermandel of the Montana Department of Agriculture says the supplements will also give farmers a much-needed boost to their bottom line.

“It’s going to show Montana farmers how much the markets are expanding and changing for these crops,” he says. “Once consumers get educated about the total health benefits of pulse crops, it will open up new doors for Montana producers and give them more opportunities to keep producing better quality commodities and increasing sales.”

All American Pharma has already purchased yellow peas from farmer J.C. Crowley in eastern Montana, and Golini believes the company’s demand for the crop will only increase.

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“It all starts with a Montana pea,” Golini says. “Montana peas are very high quality.”


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