Nebraska Our Best to You

The location of local, fresh produce is now available at your fingertips. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s (NDA’s) “Nebraska Our Best to You” website is a tool for consumers to find the outlets nearest to them that provide a wide array of produce.

In addition, the website features a seasonal produce availability chart, which lets consumers know when their favorite fruits and vegetables should be in season and available at local markets. In recent years, farmers have expanded the growing season through the use of new practices and technology, so some local, fresh fruits and vegetables are available for longer periods of time than in the past.

Sometime in 2014, NDA will launch a new product, the Nebraska Farmers’ Market Online Database. It will be a reliable, functional web-based system that will make it even easier for consumers to search and find local produce vendors and outlets.

Consumers will be able to access real-time vendor information, allowing for an even greater connection between buyers and sellers. Visit for the release of this new database and to find additional information about local, fresh produce options.

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