Nebraska Agriculture 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Nebraska cattleNebraska is a national leader in all facets of beef production. The industry generates approximately $7.2 billion in annual cash receipts. Nebraska’s corn-fed beef is popular for its flavor, quality and tenderness.


Corn harvesting in NebraskaCorn is Nebraska’s most widely grown crop, which is used to feed livestock and poultry, make ethanol and more. Local farmers harvest more than 1.6 billion bushels each year, ranking the state No. 3 nationally in corn production.


Nebraska Dairy CowsVirtually all Nebraska dairy farms are family-owned and operated. Nebraska’s 58,000 dairy cows produce about 151 million gallons of milk each year.

Dry Edible Beans

Dry Edible BeansWhen it comes to dry edible bean production, Nebraska ranks No. 1 in Great Northern beans, No. 2 in pinto beans and No. 5 for all dry edible beans. In 2015, the state produced 83.4 percent of the nation’s Great Northern bean supply.

Hay and Alfalfa

Ava and Morgan playing on the hay bales.Forage crops like hay and alfalfa are vital to the state’s agricultural success, with Nebraska farmers growing more than 6 million tons of hay and alfalfa annually. Hay is grown in every county in the state.


Nebraska PorkPork is the most consumed meat worldwide. Nebraska’s pork industry generates more than $1 billion annually in cash receipts. In addition, the state has the sixth largest swine herd in the nation.

Poultry and Eggs

Georgia poultry labEggs rule the roost in Nebraska’s poultry sector – more than 9 million hens produce over 2.8 billion eggs each year. The state ranks No. 10 nationally in egg production. In addition, Nebraska farms raise broilers and turkeys for meat.

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Soybeans are Nebraska’s second-most harvested crop. The state ranks No. 4 nationally in soybean production with approximately 305 million bushels harvested annually.

Sugar Beets

Pile of sugar beets, NebraskaSugar beet production has thrived in Nebraska for more than 100 years. Local farmers produce an average of more than 1.3 million tons of beets. Approximately 90 percent of the crop is grown in the Panhandle region.


Combine harvesting wheatNebraska farmers typically harvest between 55 and 70 million bushels of wheat each year. The state grows two types of wheat: hard red winter and hard white winter. Every year, about 50 percent of Nebraska’s wheat crop is exported to international markets.