Hatch chile wine

Photo courtesy of Hatch Chile Wines

It’s no secret that green chile is a staple of New Mexican cuisine. But while you might expect to find the spicy ingredient on burgers or stuffed in enchiladas, a business just outside of Hatch is bringing the chiles to a new place – inside your wine glass.

The D.H. Lescombes Winery, 45 minutes southwest of Hatch, makes Hatch Green Chile Wine, soaking chopped green chiles in cold white wine. The end result is slightly spicy and slightly sweet.

It pairs well with Mexican food and can also be mixed into sauces to give them an extra kick. For those a bit more daring, the winery even has a Hatch Red Chile version, which is a bit smokier and spicier, and pairs well with chocolate.

Learn more at hatchchilewines.com and lescombeswinery.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting our Hatch Chile Wines. Can you also include the link to our brand page for our Hatch Chile Wines? It is located at hatchchilewines.com and has useful information about our wines as well as recipes!


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