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You could say that good design is, indeed, all that it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, it was at the forefront of Braswell Family Farms’ thinking when it rebranded the company in 2017. The farm, which has been in business for more than 75 years, produces and markets eggs and feed, including Eggland’s Best egg products.

“We knew we needed to refresh all the packaging and product lines with the label,” says Trey Braswell, president of the family-owned-and-operated Braswell Family Farms. “We spent the last year brainstorming and coming up with a new design.”

Braswell says they completely redesigned its Natural Choice egg carton – the company’s private label – and incorporated both the brand name and the company name into the new design.

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“The carton has a really pretty picture of our old mill, where we started out as a family business,” he says. “The artwork is great, and it ties back to North Carolina where it’s produced. It’s more eye-catching and relatable to the consumer.”

The new design showcases the Natural Choice name and highlights the “N” and “C,” which echoes the initials of the state of North Carolina.

Braswell says when you see the carton, it almost looks as though
it’s the official egg of North Carolina, which really catches people’s attention. Plus, each carton contains a personal note from Braswell with a promise of quality eggs.

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the new packaging is
a modern nod to the demands of the consumer and providing fresh, local eggs.

“The importance of local to the consumer continues to grow, and we love reaching the people in our area,” Braswell adds. “Consumers have really shifted into wanting to know the farmer and seeing the operation and how foods are produced. People feel really confident when they see the product and get to know us,
our employees and farmer partners. It works really well for a local package.”

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Farming Through the Generations

Located in the heart of Nashville, the fourth-generation farm is the second-largest Eggland’s Best franchisee in the United States and a leading producer of value-added private-label egg products.

Value-added means specialty eggs, including organic, free-range, pasture-raised and cage-free. The company is also a member of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Goodness Grows program and a supporter of local, sustainable farming.

Photo credit: Michael D. Tedesco

Eggland’s Best, which comprises a large piece of the Braswell portfolio, helps the farm get its Natural Choice eggs into more stores throughout the state, promising the fresh quality of their family farm for a slightly lesser price – and with an attractive
new carton.

Learn more about all of Braswell Family Farm’s products and where to find Natural Choice eggs at

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