CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture, supports the local economy and keeps residents stocked with freshly grown food

If you’re a frequent visitor to your local farmers market, you might be familiar with the acronym CSA. But do you actually know what the letters stand for?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. These are shares of vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats and more that farmers offer to the public through a membership or subscription service. For example, a consumer can sign up for a summer CSA for a particular North Carolina farm and throughout the season, they will receive a box or “share” of produce and more on a designated schedule.

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Farmers can offer different types of CSAs, such as an all-vegetable or all-meat, and part of the fun is never knowing exactly what will be in the box – that’s determined by the farmer and Mother Nature.

North Carolina farms that offer CSA programs include Asgard Farm in Gibsonville, Faucette Farms in Browns Summit and PTB Farm in Reidsville. Learn more at guilford.ces.ncsu.edu.

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