Could mushroom feed be a game-changer for cattle?

You may not think that cattle farming and mushrooms have much to do with each other, but a research team at North Carolina A&T is hoping to change that with mushroom-based feed.

Drs. Uchenna Anele, Omon Isikhuemhen, Felicia Anike and Obed Quaicoe are researchers at the college who recently received a three-year, $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study the integration of mushrooms into cattle production. Specifically, they’re looking at how a mushroom-based feed might improve current cattle feed, making for happier, healthier cattle as well as a financial boon for farmers. Currently, cattle feed is made using corn stover, which is the dried leaf and stem matter that is left after cobs are picked and shelled. The research team is looking at growing mushrooms on the corn stover, which has several benefits, including making the stover easier to digest and more nutritious, helping farmers with financial challenges by utilizing cheap corn stover, and providing another crop – mushrooms – for farmers to sell.

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