Photo via North Dakota Department of Agriculture

Across the state, North Dakota residents enjoy easy access to locally grown and produced foods, including many that feature the Pride of Dakota label – a distinction that lets shoppers know when they’re supporting a North Dakota-based company.

In Bismarck, BisMan Community Food Co-op connects consumers and local producers, with several products on their shelves sourced from North Dakota. Open to all, the member-owned grocery store offers a broad selection of fresh produce, much of which comes from local growers, along with locally raised meats and health and wellness products. BisMan Community Food Co-op also features a deli and bakery, as well as a cafe.

“We carry several Pride of Dakota products, and we take great pride in offering our customers as much as we can that’s grown or produced in our state,” says Carmen Hoffner, general manager of BisMan Community Food Co-op. “Plus, we make grocery shopping a fun experience by having unique products available and focusing on education and community connection – that’s something you can’t find just anywhere.”

Nearby, Menoken-based Glimpse of the Prairie is part of the Pride of Dakota program, offering fresh produce and specialty products like goat milk soap and homemade flavored popcorn. Owned by Kara Winkler and her mother, Wanda Burrer, Glimpse of the Prairie operates a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program and recently began offering “Farm in a Box” products that include locally sourced foods and step-by-step recipes designed to make at-home cooking quick and easy.

“Local products are made by people who are beyond passionate about their businesses,” Winkler says. “It’s very valuable to support someone’s dream. By patronizing local companies, you’re not only being supportive, you’re also receiving high-quality products made with care.”

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Fargo lays claim to local-food destinations like Prairie Roots Food Co-op and the Red River Market.

Working to build and foster a healthy community, Prairie Food Co-op offers a wide range of foods grown and produced in North Dakota, such as grass-fed dairy products and pastured meats from Morning Joy Farm in Mercer, and the Red River Market supplies customers with vendor-grown fruits and vegetables, vendor-produced eggs, baked goods, canned goods, honey, maple syrup, dried pasta and preserves, and vendor-made health and body-care products.


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