North Dakota produces 87 percent of the nation’s canola. The crop’s seeds are prized for their high oil content. In 2015, North Dakota’s canola earned annual cash receipts of $355 million.

Beef Cattle

Arizona Beef Cattle
A single steer typically yields about 450 pounds of edible meat. North Dakota is home to more than 950,000 beef cows. Total cattle and calves brought in a whopping $1 billion in annual cash receipts in 2015.


Corn field
Field corn, which is different from the corn we eat, is used to feed livestock and make ethanol fuel. In 2015, North Dakota’s corn crop generated annual cash receipts totaling $882 million.

Wheat – Spring and Durum

North Dakota is a leader in wheat production, both hard red spring (used for baking bread) and durum (used to make pasta). In 2015, the state’s crop brought in $1.6 billion in annual cash receipts.


Light in taste and noted for its health benefits, sunflower oil supplies more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. Sunflowers are one of North Dakota’s leading ag exports. In 2015, they brought in $222 million in annual cash receipts.


Fresh Potatoes from field
Loaded with potassium, a medium potato with skin provides 18 percent of the recommended daily value per serving. In 2015, North Dakota’s potato crop earned $198.9 million in annual cash receipts.


Barley contains the highest percentage of fiber of all the whole grains. North Dakota provides about 30 percent of the nation’s barley supply, earning the state $267 million in annual cash receipts in 2015.


Sugarbeets were first recognized as a valuable sweetening plant source in the 1700s. North Dakota’s sugarbeet crop brought annual cash receipts totaling $233.4 million in 2015.

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Dry Edible Beans

Americans eat about 8 pounds of beans per person each year. North Dakota ranks rst in the nation of all dry edible bean production. Beans earned the state $219 million in annual cash receipts in 2015.


Corn and Soybeans
Soybeans provide a whopping 54 percent of edible vegetable oils for the United States. North Dakota ranks in the top 10 states for soybean production and earned $1.35 billion in annual cash receipts in 2015.


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