Down on the Bob Evans FarmWhile delicious servings of sausage gravy and biscuits are a familiar sight to many families at Bob Evans restaurants, there’s more behind the plate.

Founder Bob Evans was a real Ohio farmer who focused his business on high-quality, farm-fresh food along with warm hospitality.

“The Bob Evans brand is about the values that are inherent in the fabric of rural life and the farm – family, hard work, community – and an equal commitment to a warm welcome, hospitality and fresh, quality food,” says Michael Agee, senior director of corporate services for Bob Evans.

The company still possesses the original farm owned by Bob Evans on corporate grounds, as well as the Homestead farmhouse, and the very first Bob Evans restaurant, still open today.

“The farm represents our heritage and legacy,” Agee says. “It gives us a place to connect to those who love Bob Evans, at the Farm Festival and other events held throughout the year.”

The annual Bob Evans Farm Festival is held every October. The three-day celebration teems with fun and educational family activities.

“Certainly, reminding consumers that Bob Evans started on a farm provides a demonstrated connection between farm and food,” Agee says.

Guests can enjoy Bob Evans’ famous fare plus lots more tasty foods.

Agee says the company plans on using the barn to its full potential in other ways to promote agriculture and Bob Evans values.

“We are proud to have partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation to paint the barn purple in honor of our nation’s military. That’s our focus at this time, but our barn is clearly an icon, and we want to assure we retain its value, both to our brand and to the larger community,” he says.

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