Horse Racing

Edmond’s C.R. Trout is no stranger to winning, but on a warm October night in 2014, the longtime horseman couldn’t help feeling lucky as three of his horses came up winners in the Classics Cup races at Remington Park, doubling his career wins in a single night.

But for the 30-year-plus veteran breeder and trainer, luck had little to do with it. Trout is committed to breeding solid racehorses with strength and longevity.

Trout points to the proximity to Remington Park, Oklahoma’s only year-round horse racing track, as another reason for his personal success. Built in 1988, Remington Park is the showcase of the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma and its 1,500 owner/trainer members. The group advocates on behalf of horse owners, breeders, trainers and others associated with the industry.

Trout says in addition to the track, Oklahoma offers multiple benefits for horse owners – from climate to the quality of hay raised for horses.

“We raise so much hay here,” he says. “Our alfalfa and our grass hay are pretty much home grown, and our weather is real conducive to breeding, especially compared to other places farther east like Kentucky, where it’s so cold in February and March, and sometimes even into April. Our weather is normally pretty nice, and we have a ready way to get our grains.”

Trout, who bought his first horse in 1978 and then sought his trainer’s license in 1984, says he attributes his longevity to the fact that he doesn’t consider what he does work.

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“I stayed in the business because it’s more hobby for me than anything else,” he says. “My horses have been successful. My mares have raised good runners. I’ve stayed in it just because I’ve enjoyed it.”


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