Billy Goat Ice Cream

The taste of success is sweet – and can be found in the freezer section of select Oklahoma grocery stores.

Co-founders of Billy Goat Ice Cream Co., RaShaun Robinson and Caleb Neil, have worked hard for their scoop of success.

Robinson and Neil met at Oklahoma State University while enrolled in the school’s entrepreneurship program in 2013, but Robinson found inspiration at his undergrad alma mater, Langston University’s goat research farm.

“I was in an entrepreneurship class and we got a charge from the Small Business Administration, asking what kind of business would be successful in our area,” Robinson says. “I thought to myself, ‘Well, we’ve got all of these goats out here.’”

After researching the health benefits of goat’s milk, Robinson knew he was on to something.

“It’s low in lactose, low in fat and has cancer-fighting antibodies,” Robinson says. “With all these great health benefits and advantages, why don’t we carry that over and make goat’s milk ice cream?”

Billy Goat Ice Cream

Billy Goat Ice Cream Co. stays true to its slogan, “Be good. Eat ice cream,” by taking the guilt out of guilty pleasure for the 33 percent of the population who are lactose intolerant or sensitive.

Robinson and Neil certainly don’t have brain freeze when it comes to creating unique new flavors.

In addition to five staple flavors – bourbon vanilla bean, dark chocolate, coffee cacao chip, garden mint and salted caramel – customers can indulge in rotating small-batch flavors like roasted strawberry balsamic.

“When you see a small batch, you want to make sure you grab one because it won’t be there for long,” Robinson says.

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The unique ice cream varieties derive much of their flavor from locally sourced ingredients.

“We love working with local suppliers and working these local ingredients into our flavors,” Robinson says. “We are emphasizing Made in Oklahoma, and really want to support small businesses like ourselves.”

Consumers already salivating over the delicious local phenomenon can follow the expansion of Billy Goat Ice Cream Co. on social media as it takes Oklahoma by storm.

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