Angela Steele holds one of her goats at the family home near Purcell, Oklahoma; Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

When Angela Steele’s youngest son developed eczema at just over a year old, she and her husband tried every trick in the book to treat it. Despite many trips to pediatricians and dermatologists and spending hundreds of dollars on prescription medications, nothing seemed to work.

“One day my sister told me someone suggested trying goat milk soaps to eliminate skin conditions,” Steele says. “I immediately went online and ordered a bar of castile goat soap. Within two weeks, my son’s eczema began to disappear.”

The Steele family; Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

With natural healing properties used successfully on skin for centuries, it was no wonder the goat milk worked like a charm. Beyond providing their son with clear and healthy skin, this discovery inspired Angela and her family to pursue a unique business opportunity.

The Steeles lived on a small hobby farm in Washington, Oklahoma. They even had a herd of goats, in addition to chickens, ducks, cats, a few rescue horses and four Great Pyrenees dogs.

“We decided to put the goats to work – and that’s how our farm was born,” Steele says.

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Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

The family launched their business in 2014 with goat soaps and lotions. Within one year, they expanded with a milk room and soap shop. Now customers can purchase a wide range of skincare products, ranging from bath bombs and salts to deodorants and facial care. Each Steele Family Farm product is branded and registered with the Made in Oklahoma logo. This certifies products unique to the Sooner State.

“Every single skincare product we have is handcrafted here on the farm using milk from our herd of Nubian goats,” Steele says. The family raises 14 milking goats and 29 kids.

Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

The Steeles use their own unique recipes, testing each one meticulously until it reaches perfection before selling it. They offer a wide range of scents, including strawberries and champagne, lavender, and coconut lime.

In addition to their thriving skincare line, Angela and her family love educating the public on agriculture and farm life. They host a kid’s camp designed to teach children what life is really like on a farm, complete with sessions on how to milk goats, pasteurize milk and feed farm animals. The children even get the opportunity to make their own goat milk products they can take home at the end of the day.

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Nate Steele bottle feeds a goat at the Steele Family Farm: Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

The Steeles are passionate about reaching children in underserved communities. This passion led them to host a free camp for Crossroads Youth & Family Services youth in juvenile care in 2018.

“These at-risk kids need a chance to see what life looks like outside of their current situation,” Steele says. “During our last program, the kids connected well with our animals and loved the whole camp experience. We had a great time working with them and are excited to do it again this year.”

Angela Steele prepares orders for shipping in her stock room; Photo by Nathan Lambrecht

Their burgeoning business may only be five years old, but they have experienced wonderful growth and have no plans to slow down. They hope to continue expanding and be in more boutiques and shops across the country in the near future.

“Once you start using goat milk products, you can’t go back to standard commercial skincare,” Steele says. “The difference is amazing.”

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  1. Great story and wonderful pictures of a beautiful family! Their products are the best ~ they are on my got to have list. True story, once you try the goat milk products everything else can’t hold a candle to their products!


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