Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Agriculture

Along with producing high-quality food products and gaining recognition as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices over the past decade, Threemile Canyon Farms is making a mark on the Boardman community that will serve residents for years to come.

Threemile Canyon Farms Gives Back

Threemile Canyon Farms, home to one of the largest dairy operations in the U.S., has been a fixture in Boardman since 1999, and has grown to employ 300 year-round workers as well as 400 seasonal and part-time employees. As a result, it’s easy to see that the company is firmly rooted in the community – and is committed to finding ways to enhance and improve the lives of those in it. For instance, Threemile Canyon Farms was instrumental in funding the creation of a new medical clinic in Boardman, which has enabled the community to receive care close to home, and the company helped make the SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture and Energy) Center a reality. The SAGE Center, an interactive and educational visitor center, features hands-on exhibits that showcase the sophisticated technologies used by growers and the related industries at the Port of Morrow, and it’s become a must-visit spot – as well as an economic driver and a source of agricultural promotion – that draws thousands of visitors to Boardman each year.

Threemile Canyon Farms also supports local schools and youth organizations, including area FFA and 4-H groups, and it donates more than 8,000 pounds of ground beef to the Oregon Food Bank each month. Additionally, Threemile Canyon Farms has worked with other companies to finance a long- awaited housing project that will ultimately result in 240 new apartment units in Boardman.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Agriculture

Leaders Encourage Employees to Volunteer, Get Involved

Not only does Threemile Canyon Farms serve the Boardman community as a company, but it also supports employees in their individual philanthropic efforts. One way the farm bolsters its employees’ volunteer work is through its Community Builder program, which gives employees the opportunity to submit applications for organizations they believe in, and the recipients receive grants to fund projects that will benefit the community.

A recent award winner was the Boardman Rural Fire Protection District, nominated by Threemile Canyon Farms employee and volunteer firefighter Tammy Sheppard. The fire district received a sizeable grant from Threemile Canyon Farms to purchase a lightweight quick response unit, allowing them to more effectively serve the thousands of citizens who depend on them.

Threemile Canyon Farms is also heavily involved with the American Red Cross, and hosts on-site blood drives quarterly that make it convenient for employees to donate blood on a regular basis.

“If you have a healthy community, your employees benefit from it, and it’s important to take care of them,” says Anne Struthers, director of communications for Threemile Canyon Farms. “Plus, our leadership team strongly believes in giving back and doing the right thing, so it’s a philosophy that starts at the very top and permeates the entire company in a big way.”

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