Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Pie
This scrumptious pie combines chocolate, peanut butter and coffee for a crowd-pleasing dessert.


  1. Beat cream cheese, sugar, peanut butter, butter and vanilla in a large mixer bowl until creamy.
  2. Gently fold in half the beaten cream, and then fold in remaining cream until blended. Spread filling in crust; smooth top.
  3. To make topping, combine chocolate pieces and coffee in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover and microwave on high for 1 to 2 minutes; stir until smooth.
  4. Cool chocolate slightly; pour over top of filling. Refrigerate overnight.


  1. Peanut butter filling on a bagel… what a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Audrey!

    Jessy Yancey

  2. I never use plastic in the microwave any more. Paper towels absorb too much water, so I use waxed paper. It may seem a little unweildy at first, but you will learn to pull out the appropriate size and how to crease it around containers or wrap it around food. It’s pretty good with warming bread, too.

  3. Hi Catz,

    Thanks for pointing this out to us. We agree that you can use something else to cover the chocolate, and we’ve edited the note about plastic wrap in the instructions. Thanks for the tips about using waxed paper, too.

    Jessy Yancey
    Farm Flavor

  4. This pie recipe is the new “family secret”. I made it twice for different family members and the recipe is even more coveted than the buttermilk brownies or my chili. I didn’t have access to a microwave the second time around so just put the semi sweet morsels and the coffee in a small pan on a very low burner. It turned out beautifully. This pie turns out more flavorful than the chain restaurants who are famous for their silk pies. Don’t cut corners. Beat the whipping cream(no CoolWhip) and let the cream cheese soften to room temperature.

  5. This is the perfect summer pie – No Bake – and it’s delicious. Thanks so much for sharing with Foodie Friends Friday this week. I’ll be sharing this on my FB page on Sunday.

    A Foodie Friends Friday co-host,
    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

  6. Would it be OK if I didn’t use the coffee? I’m planning on making this for a Christmas Party at work and there are a lot of people there that don’t like coffee.


  7. I need to travel for thanksgiving and one of these pies is sitting in my fridge. Do you think I can/should freeze it for the long trip?

  8. Coffee brings out and illuminates the chocolate – the amount of coffee here is strictly for that, no coffee taste. Also instant espresso would be a great choice as the acidity is key to mimick a nice ganache flavor up top!


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