If you’re up for a change, try this unexpected new crust variation made with crumbs of that childhood favorite, zwieback toast.
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees and put rack on lower middle position.
  2. Mix crumbs and sugar.
  3. Add butter and stir with fork until well mixed.
  4. Scrape into 8-inch ovenproof pie plate and spread evenly over bottom, pressing crumbs up the sides and around the top sides with fingers.
  5. Bake about 15 minutes.  Let cool to room temperature.

Tips & Notes

Try this pie crust with one of our pie filling recipes – peach, cherry, strawberry or mixed berry.


  1. “Unexpected new crust variation” may be a little over-stated since this was our mom’s favorite cheesecake component about 1950. Still is.

  2. You’re absolutely right – it may have been new and unexpected to us, but this recipe has been used by others for many years!

    Thanks for the feedback,
    Jessy Yancey
    editor, farmflavor.com

  3. New crust variation. LOL 40 years ago (and before) it was the main type crust in cheesecake recipes!


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