Baked Custard recipe
Baked custard, a dessert of milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla, is a tasty treat during the holidays and beyond.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix and heat milk, sugar and salt. Stir hot milk slowly into lightly beaten eggs. Add vanilla.
  3. Pour mixture into custard cups or 1 ½-quart baking dish. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon, nutmeg or both.
  4. Bake in a pan of hot water until custard is set, 30-45 minutes (longer when using a baking dish). When the point of a thin knife comes out clean, remove at once from hot water to keep from overcooking.

Tips & Notes

Adjust the cooking time to the size of your pan. Ramekins require less baking time than a larger baking dish.


  1. I just made this custard, it turned out pretty good but I forgot the vanilla and I baked it in a 1 1/2 qt baking dish had to bake it for almost an hour and a half. But it was still pretty good. Put it outside to cool for and hour and it set up beautifully

  2. I made this custard using ramekins/custard cups and baked it for 45 minutes. I made it again today and used an 8 x 8 pyrex container and it took longer ie an hour and fifteen minutes. This is the easiest dessert and tastes yummy.

  3. I made this today and it was a disaster. It ended up runny and separated. Never did set up. Baked for 45 min in 1 1/2 oval dish. What happened?

  4. It wasn’t cooked long enough if it was runny and not set. Cooking it in an oval dish as opposed to individual ramekins makes a big difference in the baking time. You needed to keep baking it until a knife inserted into comes out clean.

  5. Great dessert! I was worried when I read 4 cups of milk to only 4 eggs so I added another egg (5 total). It came out beautifully (and probably would have also if I had used the 4 eggs called for). I thought it was delicious. It reminded me of the custard my aunt made when she would visit. Great comfort food and my 11 month old ate almost a whole ramekin which is saying something because he sort of skipped baby food and went from bottle to “give me solids Mama!” The only other things he has really enjoyed with this consistency have been sweet potatoes. So we have a hit!

  6. This is one of my all time favorite deserts! I ” tweak” yhis just a little ….
    I put just enough Maple Syrup on the bottom of the ramekins to coat the bottom then add the custard mixture before baking.
    Also: I use
    The Spice House ‘French Four and More’ , instead of nutmeg on top.

  7. Great question. Due to the water content in low-fat milk, I’d recommend using whole milk for this recipe. You might be able to do a low-fat version by adjusting the temp and baking time. Hope this helps!

  8. I am just getting around to commenting on this having made it a short time ago. I used ramekins and it came out perfect and very tasty. I added some heavy cream to the skim milk we drink. I also made it in a baking dish and it took much longer and had to keep cheking on, but ithe was still good.

  9. Lana~ I’ve made this for many years using skim milk. I add two or three additional eggs and it turns out perfect. Try it a couple of times to adjust to the texture you like best. I like best when refrigerated overnight. I have never heated the milk. I beat eggs with nutmeg, add a cup or two of milk and sugar and beat then add remaining milk and final beat. I learned how to make it over fifty years ago when I worked in a hospital kitchen. Also have trouble with baking time when changing ovens but you can’t go wrong if you test with a knife inserted in center that comes out clean. Always one of my favorite recipes.


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