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American chestnut

How Michigan Researchers are Saving the American Chestnut

Researchers utilize a natural virus to restore the historic American chestnut.

Oklahoma Research Initiative Backs Importance of Cover Crops

More and more farmers are understanding the positive influence of cover crops.

ASTE Program Opens Doors to Successful Agriculture Careers

Connecticut’s ASTE program cultivates a new crop of agricultural experts and provides ample opportunities to fulfilling ag careers.

Teams Prepare for Future Avian Influenza Outbreaks

Tennessee teams dive into research studies to ensure that they can combat any future avian influenza virus outbreaks.

How A Cutting-Edge Metrology Lab in Nashville is Changing Farming

Ellington Agricultural Center's state-of-the-art metrology facility has the resources to attain near perfect results in weight and measurement studies.

How Florida’s Animal Disease Lab Works for the Agriculture Community

Florida's Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (BADDL) provides world-class laboratory services.

Meet Ty Strode of Agri-Starts, Inc. in Apopka

Agri-Starts, Inc., is a supplier of plant tissue culture starter plants and services.
Gardener planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil at back yard

Researchers Find Ways to Deliver Health Benefits from Plants

North Carolina researchers are studying plants to find nutrients that can battle diseases and improve overall human health.

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