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New National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility at Kansas State

Kansas State will have the state-of-the-art laboratory to study diseases that threaten the country’s animal ag industry and public health.
Blueberries on the bush. Adair Chambers Peterson and her son Ryder Godfrey run Chambers Brother's Blueberry farm in Somerville GAS.

Georgia’s Bountiful Blueberries

Georgia’s blueberry industry is ripe for the picking.
Hemp seed on a wooden surface

Hemp Makes History in Colorado

First-of-its-kind certified hemp seed program boosts state’s ag industry.
Georgia researchers lead the nation in peanut innovation.

University of Georgia Leads in Peanut Innovation

UGA leads the way for peanut research.
Cotton field in north Warren County off of Hwy. 3.

Georgia Cotton Research Yields Results

Research helps Georgia cotton farmers successfully face new challenges.

Drone Technology is Taking Flight in North Dakota

Drone technology is taking North Dakota agriculture to new heights.

North Dakota Research into Specialty Crops Flourishes

Specialty crops are an important focus of North Dakota agriculture’s future.

Findings for the Field in North Carolina

Agricultural Research Service develops crop varieties, innovates for farm production.

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