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Stuttgart Arkansas

Rice Rules in Stuttgart, Arkansas

Stuttgart, Arkansas, hailed as the rice capital, is home to major rice mills and rice research institutions.
Cotton Leaf Spot Disease

Alabama Extension Helping Gulf Coast Farmers Stay Ahead

The Alabama Cooperative Extension is conducting research to help Alabama farmers in the Gulf Coast deal with prominent issues.
Georgia blueberry plants

Blueberry Research Bears Fruit

The Blueberry Research and Demonstration Farm in Alma helps Georgia growers stay on top of leading blueberry research to increase success and profits.
Barge on the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN

Memphis Attracts Agribusiness, Ag Research Companies

Memphis is known for the blues, but the greens are a huge sector of the region’s economy, where agribusiness is a powerhouse.
Soil Scientist determines the soil texture and particle size distribution using a soil hydrometer

Alabama’s First Generation Soil Survey Lays Groundwork for Land Use

Alabama's first generation soil survey determines the best places in the state to build a road, grow a particular crop, or construct a building.

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