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Georgia Farmers Markets

Georgia Farmers Markets Cater to Their Community

Georgia's nine state farmers markets are a unique aspect of the agriculture industry, helping small businesses become larger and catering to the desires of their customers.
Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton

Experience 19th Century Rural Life at Ag Museum

Step back in time with 19th century agricultural exhibits at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton.
Illinois State Fairs Promote Agriculture

Best in Show: Agriculture Deeply Rooted in Illinois State Fairs

From livestock competitions to the tasks of a farmer, Illinois state fairs showcase the state's booming agriculture industry.
Illinois' Henry White Experimental Farm promotes Agriculture Education

From Farm to Fork: Illinois Ag Groups Ramp Up Consumer Outreach...

Illinois agriculture groups are making it a goal to bring the farm to consumers so they are more connected with where their food comes from.
Alabama Agritourism, Tate Farms, Meridianville

Alabama Agritourism Ventures Fertilize a Growing Industry

The combination of people taking vacations closer to home and the spawn of the local food movement has given a boost to Alabama agritourism.
Eckert's Country Store and Orchards in Illinois

Life’s a Peach at Eckert’s Country Store

The sixth and seventh generations run Eckert’s Country Store and Farms in Belleville, the largest you-pick apple and peach orchard in the nation.

Breaking the Mold: Old Dairy Farm Turns to Artisan Cheese

A dairy farming family finds a way to stay in business by moving from milk production to Jersey cheese.

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