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Keeping Alabama Agriculture and Consumers Healthy

Preventative testing protects Alabama against bird flu and other ag-related threats.

Securing Safe, Quality Food for Alabama

Alabama Ag ensures consumers enjoy safe food.

Alabama’s Agriculture Has Deep Roots

Alabama's agriculture provides jobs and revenue to the state.

Water, Water Everywhere

Irrigation could boost agriculture economy.

Checks and Balances

Weights and Measures division ensures marketplace fairness.
Aaron Cargle, consumer protection specialist, places seeds on a petri dish for germination testing.

Alabama Agriculture is Rooted in Responsibility

Alabama Seed Lab ensures fairness and growth in the seed industry.

Farm Fun for All

Agritourism efforts teach consumers the importance of agriculture.

Alabama’s Top 10 Agricultural Commodities

A glimpse at Alabama’s top ag products, based on 2013 cash receipts.

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