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Barbara Brooks in field

He Cuts Songs, She Cuts Cows

Barbara Brooks talks horses, music and Tennessee wines.
angus cattle

The Meat of It

Multi-generational ranchers set the state’s beef industry apart.

Redefining B2C (Beef-to-Consumer)

Arkansas beef producers find success selling directly to consumers.

Got Beef? Celebrate National Beef Month

Beef cattle production is one of the strongest agricultural industries within the United States and throughout the world. See some interesting facts for National Beef Month in May.

High and Dry: How the 2012 Drought Affected Illinois Agriculture

The drought of 2012 touched all agricultural sectors in Illinois.
Lowderman Cattle Company

Illinois Beef Producers Bounce Back After Drought

Illinois beef producers keep a positive outlook despite the 2012 drought.

The Business of Beef in Oklahoma

A Bar Ranch is a family business that produces Oklahoma beef.
Mel Maxwell feeds beef cattle in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Grass Fed vs. Grain Finished: What’s the Difference?

Is grass-fed beef, which is often more expensive than its grain-fed counterpart, worth the extra few bucks? Is it really more healthy or humane?

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