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Everyone Has a Place at the Table at Oregon Farm Dinners

Consumers invited to the farm for conversation and fresh food.
The Made in Oklahoma program is a valuable resource for local businesses like Southern Okie, a company owned by Gina Hollingsworth that sells gourmet fruit spreads.

Oklahoma Small Businesses Keep it All in the Family

Southern Okie represents one of several successful local businesses.

Pick Tennessee Products Celebrates 30 Years

Pick Tennessee Products marks 30 years of connecting consumers with local products.

A Growing Endeavor

Partnerships help Montana’s local food distribution efforts flourish throughout the state.

Nebraska Farmers Make a Connection with Consumers

NDA website gives consumers easy access to farmers market information.

Nebraska’s Farmers Market Connection

Farmers markets bridge the gap between growers and consumers.

North Carolina Specialty Meat Producers Find a Delicious Niche

Specialty meat producers and processors grow their operations.
Meuer Farm and Snappy Valley Foods are both members of the Something Special from Wisconsin ™ program.

Something Special from Wisconsin™ Demonstrates Promotional Prowess

Something Special from Wisconsin™ helps its members’ products take center stage.

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