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15 Homemade Holiday Food Gifts

Treat friends and family to a tasty gift this year with easy and delicious holiday food gifts.

The History Behind 5 Classic Halloween Candies

Discover the history behind five classic Halloween candies you'll find in every trick-or-treater's bag at the end of the night.

The History of Classic Easter Candies

Learn about the history behind some of the most classic Easter candies.
Brown Sugar Fudge Recipe

Brown Sugar Fudge

Candy making can be tricky, but this sweet brown sugar fudge is worth the effort.
Cattle Eat Candy Sprinkles Instead of Corn

Trick or Treat? Cows Munch on Candy Instead of Corn

Cattle farmers are turning to candy and other alternative feed sources due to the high price of corn feed because of this year's drought.

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