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Lamb Burger

Give burger night a Mediterranean flair.
Curried Coconut Granola with Citrus

Coconut Curried Peanut Granola with Honeyed Yogurt and Citrus

Spicy, savory granola mixes with sweet-tart honey, citrus and granola for a delicious start to the morning.
Cayenne and Lime Popcorn

Cayenne & Lime Popcorn

Give popcorn a flavorful kick with cayenne and lime juice.
Classic Hummus

Classic Hummus

Try your hand at a classic Mediterranean favorite, made with garbanzo beans.
Meatball, Potato and Collard Soup

Meatball, Potato and Collard Soup

Similar to minestrone, this stew swaps potatoes for the pasta and throws in some collards for a hearty blend.

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