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Collard Green Salad Wraps

Collard Green Salad Rolls

Collard Green Salad Rolls are easy to hold and delicious to eat. Packed with garden-fresh veggies and wrapped in collard greens instead of a flour tortilla, they make an excellent option for a healthy lunch or snack.
Sea Scallops Over Greens

Braised Sea Scallops Over Spring Greens

Fresh scallops pair perfectly with spring greens.
Mrs. Scarlett's Deviled Eggs

Mrs. Scarlett’s Deviled Eggs

A classic spring side dish to serve with your Easter meal.
Turnip Greens and White Beans Saute

10 Tasty Ways to Eat Your Greens: Kale, Collards and Beyond

Eating greens doesn't have to be boring. Ditch the salad and try these 10 tasty and creative recipes to get your daily dose of leafy greens.
Hearty Lentil Soup

Hearty Lentil Soup

Brimming with nutritious veggies, Hearty Lentil Soup is perfect for warming up on a cold night.
Winter Green Cure-All Soup

Winter Green Cure-All Soup

This healthy, flavorful soup is perfect for battling winter colds.
Meatball, Potato and Collard Soup

Meatball, Potato and Collard Soup

Similar to minestrone, this stew swaps potatoes for the pasta and throws in some collards for a hearty blend.
Collards Recipe


This simple recipe flavors up fresh collard greens by slow-boiling them in a mixture of sugar, ham hocks and crushed red pepper.

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