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Wisconsin’s Top 10 Agricultural Commodities

From dairy products and eggs to potatoes and cranberries, take a closer look at Wisconsin’s top commodities based on cash receipts.

South Carolina’s Top 10 Agricultural Products

A glimpse at the top commodities in the state, based on cash receipts.

Virginia’s Top 10 Agricultural Commodities

A look at the state’s top agricultural commodities, based on cash receipts.

How Exports Boost North Dakota State Agriculture and the Economy

In North Dakota, almost all farmers are directly or indirectly involved in the exporting business.

Highlighting North Dakota’s Agricultural Hotspots

Known for bountiful farmlands and ranches, North Dakota boasts a few areas that stand out from the rest.
Jeff Sparks checks out soybeans

Top 10 Ohio Agriculture Products

Learn about the state’s leading agricultural commodities, based on cash receipts.
Oklahoma Cattle

Oklahoma’s Top 10 Agriculture Products

See Oklahoma's top agriculture products, based on cash receipts.

Oregon’s Top 10 Agricultural Products

A look at Oregon’s top agricultural commodities based on production value.

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