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Wisconsin Program Preserves Farmland and Promotes Conservation

The landowners bordering the Blue River and Fennimore Fork of Castle Rock Township have made a renewed promise to protect their farmland.

Lake Family Farms Receives Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award

Lake Family Farms received the Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award in 2019 for their stewardship of the soil, water and wildlife habitat on their land.

Kansas Conservation Districts Help Protect Natural Resources

Conservation districts across Kansas take to schools, county fairs and ag days to teach children about the importance of conservation.

Love of the Land Inspires Conservation Efforts in North Carolina

Conservation is the backbone of farming decisions on North Carolina farms, prioritizing the health of the land for the present and future.

How Colorado Farmers Protect the Environment for Future Generations

When farmers stop in to see Stephen Jaouen at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) field office in Glenwood Springs, they express concerns...

Land Stewardship Meets Quality Conservation in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Natural Resources Conservation Service helps farmers, ranchers, foresters and other landowners care for and enhance their properties.

How Virginia Farmers Conserve Water and Land

Farmers use advanced techniques to preserve water and land

Kenagy Family Farm Works Hard to Protect Wildlife

Oregon farmers use conservation practices to protect natural habitats for wildlife including Monarch butterflies, the Greater Sage Grouse and more.

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