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Brent Van Dyke

New Mexico Conservation Program is Recognized as a Nationwide Model

Farmers across the country learn from the Restore New Mexico Program to solve challenges in agriculture and improve conservation practices.
Farmers Lead Wisconsin Watershed Conservation Efforts

Farmers Lead Wisconsin Watershed Conservation Efforts

Wisconsin's farmers are taking the conservation reins to make sure the state's watersheds are protected.
True Blue Farms Michigan blueberries

How Michigan Conservation Program Helps Protect Land, Soil

Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) helps farmers be good stewards of the land.
The Essary and Cherry Familes Milledgeville Tennessee

Tennessee Farmers Care About Conservation

Tennessee farmers deeply understand the importance of conserving and caring for soil and water. After all, the land and its health are central to their livelihood.
Cow calf ranch Nebraska

Good Stewardship and Conservation Keep Nebraska Land Viable For the Future

Peterson family's cow-calf ranch focuses on conservation in Nebraska.

Ohio’s Farmers Protect Land and Resources

Ohio's farmers are dedicated to conserving the land and protecting natural resources.
Marc and Brett Arnusch check a cell phone for data showing how much water a field crop needs. Probes installed in the field determine how much water the crop requires at any time.

Ag Technology is the Future of Farming In Colorado

Colorado farmers embrace the latest and greatest in high-tech ag innovations.
Cattle graze in a forest in Kebler Pass

Colorado Cattle Feast on the Forest Floor

Colorado forests benefit from livestock grazing.

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