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What the Oregon Department of Agriculture is Doing to Fight Foodborne...

Protecting Oregonians and preventing foodborne illness.
weights and measures

Office for Consumer and Environmental Protection is On Guard

KDA Office for Consumer and Environmental Protection ensures right quality, right price.
food safety

Ensuring Food Safety in Missouri

Missouri farmers work hand in hand with officials to guarantee food safety.
Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division Director Ron Hayes helped form the international standard for measuring biodiesel content in diesel fuel, among other contributions.

Setting the Standard for Inspection

Legendary ag leader Ron Hayes and his division enforce an equitable marketplace.

Michigan’s Flavorful Fungi

People have long foraged for wild mushrooms in Michigan’s forests, and the Wild-Foraged Mushroom Harvesting Certification Program is...
gas pump

Protection at the Pump

Gas and service stations nationwide are being plagued by skimmers, or devices embedded in gasoline pumps to...

Michigan is Dedicated to Safeguarding Your Food

The most sweeping improvements to food safety laws in 70 years, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) aims...

Plant Protection from the Ground Up

Whether they own pets, enjoy nature or buy fresh produce, Michigan consumers can bank on a team of...

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