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Apple Answers: Selection, Storage and Cooking With Apples

Get to the core of apples as ingredients with answers about selecting, storing and cooking with apples, and which apple varieties work best for certain recipes.

The Easiest Way to Make Lemon Juice

Learn how to make lemon juice, including how many lemons it takes to make a cup of juice and tips for easy squeezing, and substitution for when life doesn't give you lemons.
how to hardboil an egg the easy way

How to Hard Boil Eggs and Peel Them Perfectly

Preparing hard-boiled eggs shouldn't be so ... hard. Follow these simple steps for perfect hard-cooked eggs every time, as well as tips on how to perfectly peel hard-boiled eggs.

How to Cook Corn on the Cob

Follow these simple tips and tricks to cook your corn on the cob perfectly every time.

How to Avoid Soggy Zucchini Noodles in Three Easy Steps

We're all looking for ways to cut calories here and there, and in the summer, as everyone'sĀ garden explodes with zucchini and squash, the guilt-free...
Crock-pot slow cookers

12 Slow Cooker Secrets

Follow these simple slow cooker basics to make your slow-cooked recipes taste even better.
How to Deep-Fry a Turkey

Turkey Tips

First time hosting for the holidays? Learn the basics on how to cook a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.
Grilling vegetables, peppers, squash, zucchini

4 Tips on Grilling and Equipment

Follow these tips when grilling outdoors or choosing grilling equipment such as skewers, baskets and woks.

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