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Homestead Creamery

How Virginia Dairy Farmers are Surviving the Downturn

Farmers diversify to secure income during industry downturn.

Tennessee’s Top 10 Crops and Livestock

Learn more about the state's top agricultural products.
dairy cows

A Western N.C. Farmer is Honored in Dairy Industry

Mike Corn receives well-deserved recognition.
dairy cows modern dairy farming

NMSU’s Modern Dairy Farming Program Brings the Students to the Cows

The U.S. Dairy Education and Training Consortium helps students prepare for careers in the dairy industry in New Mexico and beyond.

How Threemile Canyon Farms Shows Community Commitment

Threemile Canyon Farms is home to one of the largest dairy operations in the U.S. and actively gives back to the community.

Why North Dakota Farmers and Producers are a Major Part of...

North Dakota farmers provide quality foods, like potatoes and dairy, for consumers near and far.

Why Wisconsin is the Perfect Place for Cheese Lovers

Wisconsin has ranked No. 1 in the nation for cheese production for more than a century.

How Wisconsin Celebrates Dairy Month in America’s Dairyland

During June Dairy Month, Wisconsin dairy is celebrated with festivals and fun.

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