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Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Illinois Agritourism Educates Visitors in Entertaining Ways

Illinois' agritourism industry brings fun to the farm, while teaching people about the importance of agriculture.
Visit an Illinois Farm

Illinois Dairy Farmers Are Thinking Outside the Jug

Illinois dairy farmers secure export markets, create branded products.

Yogurt, Ice Cream and Cheese Recipes Honor June Dairy Month

Did you know that June is National Dairy Month? Celebrate with these mouthwatering dairy recipes.
Prairieland Dairy

Nebraska Dairy Goes From Cow to Table

Nebraska dairy farmers produce milk that's fresh and very local.
Virginia Cattle

Virginia Cattle Industry Shows Signs of Strength

The state's beef and cattle industries are on track, despite several challenges.
Maryland's Ice Cream Trail

Make A Sweet Stop on Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail

Dairy farmers in Maryland have formed the nation's first farm-based ice cream trail.
Milk and Dairy Fun Facts

Calcium-Rich Recipes Celebrate June Dairy Month

2012 marks the 75th annual June Dairy Month. Celebrate with recipes featuring dairy products, from cheese to milk to yogurt, breakfast to dessert.
Indiana Ice Cream

Here’s the Scoop on Indiana Ice Cream

Indiana, the second largest ice cream production state in the nation, is home to a spectrum of ice cream production from local on farm natural flavors to traditional comfort flavors on the grocery store shelves.

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